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Office 5463, Yale School of Management, 165 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT

Office phone: 203-432-6034, Cell phone: 203-887-7492, Email:, Skype ID: nene88_99_1999

Research Interests

Customer Relationship Management; Dynamic Structural Models; Empirical Industrial Organization; Industry and Marketing Dynamics; Learning and Social Spillovers; Quasi-Experiment Econometrics; Retail Competition and Strategy


Nathan Yang is currently a Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer in Marketing at the Yale School of Management. He received his Ph.D in Economics from the University of Toronto, in which his doctoral studies were funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). A majority of his research in quantitative marketing revolves around dynamic and spatial firm strategies. More specifically, his work has provided insights about cannibalization, preemptive motives, learning-by-doing, organizational forgetting, performance dynamics after mergers, learning-from-others, and demand externalities under the context of retail competition. As for customer dynamics, he is interested in studying inertial behavior and the role that structural state dependence plays in generating such persistence. From a methodological perspective, he is actively working on new structural estimation and quasi-experiment econometric methods to identify dynamic linkages under the presence of heterogeneity. Industry settings that he has studied or currently study include fast food location strategies in Canada/UK, convenience store expansion in Japan, car rental stores, usage patterns in a bike sharing network, crowdsourcing of plush toy designs, online sentiment dynamics, and social media adoption among politicians.


1. Burger King & McDonald's: Where's the Spillover? International Journal of the Economics of Business (2012), Vol. 19, Issue 2

2. Twitter Adoption in Congress (with Feng Chi), Review of Network Economics (2010), Vol. 10, Issue 1

Papers Under Review

1. March of the Chains: Herding in Restaurant Locations, NET Institute Working Paper 11-16

  • Revise-and-resubmit to RAND Journal of Economics

2. Market Share Evolution, Size Spillovers and Organizational Forgetting in Retail Chain Dynamics (with Jason Blevins and Ahmed Khwaja)

  • Revise-and-resubmit to Management Science

3. Cannibalization and Preemptive Entry in Heterogeneous Markets (with Mitsuru Igami)

4. Exploiting the Choice-Consumption Mismatch: A New Approach to Disentangle State Dependence and Heterogeneity (with K. Sudhir)

Working Papers

1. Performance Dynamics of Retail Expansion and Mergers (with Mitsukuni Nishida)

2. Moment Marketing Opportunity: The Link Between Online Sentiment and Macroeconomic Conditions (with Yizao Liu)

3. Sales Productivity and Employee Engagement: Evidence from Upselling in the Car Rental Industry (with Ahmed Khwaja)

Ongoing Projects

1. Hidden Markov States and Forward Looking Behavior (with K. Sudhir)

2. Price Discrimination and Location Strategies in a Bike Sharing Network (with Pinar Yildirim)

3. Self-Reinforcing Fandom (with K. Sudhir)